Website’s footnotes

This website is written in Markdown, R, HTML, TypeScript, some JavaScript (it’s still too much), YAML and SASS. Finally, it’s compiled using Hugo and Pandoc, while the EPUB version only relies on Pandoc. Overall, I think this is a big step forward considering my last web experience was with FrontPage…

The theme is based on Indigo with my own customisations (dark theme, tabs, etc.).

The content and media under my authorship are available under the CC Attribution 4.0 International license. If your work has been significantly influenced by any of my writings, I’d appreciate it if you could dedicate an acknowledgement section, just like I do with the people/communities that helped me. I think it’s a nice detail that makes us feel part of something bigger.

Last but not least, please don’t hotlink any media from this website! I’m already trying hard to keep up with the peaks of bandwidth.


The website uses Plausible analytics, it collects data regarding:

The data is anonymous so it can’t identify you (unlike Google Analytics) but if you want to opt out, use this button:

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