Hi there and welcome to my website.
I’m Rodrigo Copetti and I live in Scotland, I’ve also just graduated with a degree of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and currently working as a software engineer (mainly working on iOS and Android stuff).

If you are reading this now well… Just letting you know that I’m still finishing a lot of stuff, there are some interesting topics I like to investigate and write about, mainly about computing architecture, mobile user interfaces and some pieces of software that I wrote. This is what I have so far.

Apart from that…

If you are looking for new stuff to watch on telly here’s some of my most respected shows:

Additionally, these comedies may help you pass time if you happen to be stuck in a plane:

Don’t judge me! 🧐

Alternatively, if you’re looking for new music…

Still reading?

Thanks! Don’t forget to check out my projects, I like to collect a lot of research.